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UnNatural Selection Project Group

he UnNatural Selection Project Group is a part of the Collaborative Re­search Project Groups sponsored by UCSC's Digital Art and New Media program. It is a three-quarter research project in one of three focus areas that represent the current research of DANM faculty: Participatory Culture, Mecha­tronics and Performative Technology. Students and faculty engage in research col­lab­or­a­tions resulting in publications and exhibitions.

This iteration of project group, started in the third quarter of academic year 2005-6, contains the entire cohort of students scheduled to graduate in June of 2007, and Adam Jerguin, a part time graduate student in the DANM program. It is lead by Elliot Anderson, an Assistant Professor in UCSC's Art Department and part of the DANM faculty.

Throughout the last three quarters, the group has met on a weekly basis to discuss issues around the topics of and intersections between En­vi­ron­mental­ism, Genetics, Aesthetics, and Art. The accumulation of their research will be published on this web site, and presented at UCSC's Art Department's quar­ter­ly Open Studios on March 16th, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in room E102 ( directions ).

The Players

Elliot Anderson

DANM Faculty Advisor. Assistant Professor, Theory/Studio, Electronic Media.
Die Idee ist das Absolute, und alles Wirkliche ist nur Realisierung der Idee.

Tyler Freeman

DANM Graduate Student. Programming Lead; Hudson River Bonzai Project.
Tyler is in charge of bridging the gap between real and virtual. Thusly, he is interested in the interfaces that connect the transient, electronic world to the physical, manipulable world.

Adam Jerugim

DANM Graduate Student. Lead Photographer & Researcher, Photomanipulator; Manifest Landscape.
Technical lead on the Photoshop engineering team at Adobe, amateur photojournalist, DJ, and music addict.

James Khazar

DANM Graduate Student. Web Master & Lead Project Manager.
James Khazar's art practice explores the relationships between contemporary and archaic forms of expression and covers subjects from gnosticism to alchemy and from mythology to contemporary science.

Cynthia Payne

DANM Graduate Student. Lead Sound Designer.
Cynthia Payne's research and practice of improvised music and performance on the internet is leading to a full-time oc­cup­ation that includes development of an alternate reality online environment for experimental music and video col­lab­or­ation.

No.e Sunflowrfish

DANM Graduate Student. Lead Curator. Team Member; Hudson Valley Bonzai Project.
Ah! sunflower, weary of time,  | Who countest the steps of the sun,  | Seeking after that sweet golden clime  | Where the traveller's journey is done;    Where the youth pined away with desire,  | And the pale virgin shrouded in snow,  | Arise from their graves and aspire;  | Where my sunflower wishes to go.  |

Alan Tolefson

DANM Graduate Student. Project Manager; Hudson Valley Bonzai.
Alan Tollefson is currently researching intersubjectivity in performance and digital media on stage.

Special Thanks to Nichole Smith, DANM Graduate Student. Lead Researcher; The Transgenic Sublime

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